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  This web site is for people in the UK who want to buy a pipe tool, pipe freezing kit, drain cleaning machine or equipment. RAC Kettering are Independent Distributors of pipe tools for Rothenberger UK tools, REMS, and Ridgid tools.
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Rothenberger ROTIGER

Rothenberger ROTIGER

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Saw blade selection
  • Use special ROTIGER pipe saw blades for right angled cutting in conjunction with the chain pipe clamp.
Chain pipe clamp
  • 6" capacity supplied as standard.

For rapid right-angled precision cutting of steel pipes up to 6" (165 mm). Tool has built in speed control adjustment.
  • Precision square 90° sawing using the chain pipe clamp and ROTIGER special saw blades
  • One pipe clamp covers all pipe sawing requirements up to 6" (165 mm) diameter
  • Rapid, safe and secure clamping of square, round, rectangular or irregular shape material
  • Chain tension lever for fine adjustment of the clamping pressure, preventing unnecessary deformation to pipes
  • The ergonomically designed handle and chain pipe clamp enable maximum leverage to be exerted for effortless cutting and quick results
  • Powerful 1050 W, double insulated motor.
  • Fast and effective - only 4 secs. to cut right through a 1 1/4" steel pipe
  • Reciprocating action with 1" and variable speed of 800-2300 strokes per minute
  • Can also be used for freehand sawing
  • Motor is equipped with overload cut-out switch
  • Gearing is fully protected from water and dust

  • L 19 7/16", W 3 1/2", H 3 1/3"

Rothenberger ROTIGER ROTIGER Electric Pipe Saw
In steel case with 6" chain pipe clamp, 2 HSS saw blades - 5 1/2" and 7 7/8" ( up to 4" ), and Allen key.



 ROTIGER PS 165S Set in case 240 V  19.85  50300  £   nn.nn
 ROTIGER PS 165S Set in case 110 V  19.85  50370  £   nn.nn
 Chain pipe clamp  1.30  50256  £   nn.nn
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ROTIGER Special Blades
Absolutely essential for precision right-angled cutting. Extra strong anti-twist quality, for a straight cut and long life. Special ROTIGER blade tang.
Rothenberger Rotiger blade

For pipes + sections up to Quality tpi

No. Price

 Steel + sections 2"  HSS  8  5 1/2"  .40  50260  £ 10.48
 Steel + sections 4"  HSS  8  7 7/8"  .50  50261  £ 13.72
 Steel + sections 6"  HSS  6/8  11 7/16"  .90  50263  £ 19.33
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Rothenberger QUICKY Hacksaw

QUICKY Hacksaw
General purpose hacksaw for sheet materials, pipes, plastic and roughening threads. Broken blades can be utilized.
  • Good for use in confined spaces (i.e. gaps in walls)

Description blade width

No. Price

 QUICKY with flexible blade  1/2"  .25  71203  £ 12.52
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Rothenberger ROBO Hacksaw

ROBO Super Safety Hacksaw Frame
  • Safety handle for accurate sawing and reduced risk of injury.
  • Adjustable for 250 mm/10" blade. Spare blades stored in frame.
  • Tensioner built in to handle. Fine adjustment for perfect blade tension.
  • Blade can be swivelled 90° - perfect for cutting in confined spaces, (i.e. cutting off ends of bolts etc.)


No. Price

 ROBO Super
 with HSSE 4 plus blade  12"  1.05  71206  £  17.64
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