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  This web site is for people in the UK who want to buy a pipe tool, pipe freezing kit, drain cleaning machine or equipment. RAC Kettering are Independent Distributors of pipe tools for Rothenberger UK tools, REMS, and Ridgid tools.
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Pipe Freezing Kit

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Rothenberger ROFROST CO2 Pipe Freezing Unit

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The economic and environmentally friendly option for the plumbing and heating engineer when servicing, repairing or extending pipe systems, without the need for time consuming draining down. Good for customer relations - no prolonged discussion about when to do the job, and no inconvenience is caused to third parties not involved by having to have their water turned off.

Ideal when replacing faulty parts, e.g. thermostatic regulator valves etc.

Eliminates the risk of air-locks in heating systems.

Only use CO2 cylinders with vertical feed pipes (liquid withdrawal).

Simple, quick, safe freezing using carbon dioxide - no CFC's

Copper Tubes        10 - 60 mm OD
Copper Tubes        1/2" - 2 1/8" OD

Steel Pipes           1/8" - 2" OD


  • Freezer heads made from a highly, cold resistant special plastic. Integral tightening screws. Cannot be misplaced. Can be screwed on by hand and tightened up with an SW 4 integral hexagon screw driver
  • Constant diameter clamping prevents damage or breakage of freezer heads
  • Freezer heads specially designed for working close to a wall or in confined spaces
  • Clear, permanent marking of relevant dimension on each freezer head
  • Carbon dioxide costs greatly reduced by up to 40 %
  • Plastic sleeved handles - safer working
  • Flexible, kink-proof high pressure hoses - extra long to increase working range. Extension kit also available.
  • Direct connection of hose to CO2 cylinder T-piece
  • Swivelling T-piece bottle connections prevents hoses getting twisted
  • Single or double sided freezing
  • High CO2 freezing efficiency (-110° F) results in very short freezing times
  • Non-toxic, not flammable, easy to source CO2 gas
  • No problems soldering or welding
  • Use with CO2 cylinder equipped with syphon tube

Rothenberger ROFROST CO2
Compact design of freezing heads allows for use in confined spaces, such as close to walls.
Rothenberger ROFROST
Insulating seals wrap firmly around both sides of the pipe ensuring even, radial speedy freezing and controlled refrigerant feed.
Rothenberger ROFROST
Finely adjustable needle valve on each handle. Bayonet connection with O-ring for a permanent, tight connection between feed valve and freezer head.

2 handles with feed valves, 2 high pressure hoses, 10 pairs of freezer heads ( 2 for each pipe dimension ), T-piece for bottle connection, stopper for one-sided freezing. Wrench, internal hexagon screw driver, all packed in a plastic carrying case.

for copper
for copper
for steel pipe

No. Price

 10 - 60  1/2" - 2 1/8"  1/8" - 2"  12.25  65030 £  324.37
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Rothenberger 6.3007 Unifreezer Carbon Dioxide (100mm) 4 inch Pipe Freezer / Freezing System

For freezing larger pipework systems the Unifreezer will form a solid plug in fuel oils, alcohol solutions and brine in addition to water pipes up to 4" diameter.
Unifreezer CO2 Set for 10-22mm Copper (3/8" - 1/2" Steel)

Rothenberger 6.3001 UniFreezer Jackets

For use with the Rothenberger Freeze Sprays.

Product Variations

6.3001 No.1 : 10-22mm (3/8" - 1/2")

6.3003 No.3 : 22-42mm (1/2" - 1 1/4")

6.3004 No.4* : 42-80mm (1 1/4" - 2 1/2")

6.3005 No.5* : 80-100mm (2 1/2" - 4")

*Due to the amount of gas consumed freezing jackets size 4 and 5 require two hoses, one T-piece and one CO2 gas cylinder for each jacket used.

Unifreezer sets do not include a CO2 gas cylinder.

Info regarding freezing 4" pipe ONLY:

Due to the amount of gas consumed when freezing 4" pipe additional accessories will be required.
  • 2 x Hoses 6.3002
  • 2x Jackets 6.3005
  • 1 x T-Peice 6.3000

RAC Kettering offer service and can Repair Pipe Freezers by our own qualified refrigeration engineers. Pipe freezer repair and re-gas service can be undertaken for all manufactures including the repair of Rothenberger pipe freezer repair REMS pipe freezer repair Ridgid pipe freezer repair Artic Electric Pipe Freezing Equipment Repair Broughton pipe freezer repair Freeze Master repair, Ridgid SuperFreeze SF-2500 / SF-2200 Pipe Freezer repair. Please contact us on 01536 525136 for details.

Pipe Freezing Kit

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