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  This web site is for people in the UK who want to buy a pipe tool, pipe freezing kit, drain cleaning machine or equipment. RAC Kettering are Independent Distributors of pipe tools for Rothenberger UK tools, REMS, and Ridgid tools.
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Pipe Freezing Kit

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Rothenberger ROFROST Turbo Freeze Kit
Rofrost Turbo 1 1/4
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Rothenberger ROFROST Turbo 2 Freeze Kit
Rofrost Turbo 2

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ROFROST Turbo Freeze Kits

For easy, fast, and safe freezing of:

Turbo 1 1/4 Turbo 2
Copper tube (OD) 1/2" - 1 3/8" 1 1/8" - 2 1/8"
Steel pipe (IPS) 1/4" - 1" 3/4" - 2"

Economic and environment-friendly solution for plumbers and heating engineers. Cuts time for maintenance - repair without bleeding line. No long term system downtime. Ideal for quick replacements of radiators, valves, or thermostatic valves.

  • Self-contained freezing unit (CFC-free freezing medium R404A)
  • High freezing power with short freezing cycles
  • Equal ice build-up in pipe
  • Easy clamp system with 6 reduction clamp sets for the most common pipe diameters.
  • Large LCD digital temperature display in 0.1 degree C fractions
  • Brazing and welding can be performed without difficulty following freezing.
  • Freezing procedure controlled by dual temperature control and display (left and right clamps) in time fractions of 15 seconds.
  • No evaporation of freezing medium
  • No freezing bottles

Rothenberger ROFROST TURBO
works with parallel pipes
Rothenberger ROFROST TURBO
works in corners
Rothenberger ROFROST TURBO
work close to wall
2" contact area required
Rothenberger ROFROST TURBO
safe & controlled freezing

ROFROST Turbo Freeze Kit
Each RoFrost Turbo freeze kit comes complete with freezer unit, 2 integral hose/main clamp sets, 2 built in temperature probes and 2-piece reduction clamp sets suitable for the range of pipe sizes shown.

for copper tube
for copper tube
for steel pipe

110 V
50 Hz

 12 - 42 mm  1/2" - 1 5/8"  1/4" - 1 1/4"  36.10  62202  £ 970.34
 28 - 54 mm  1" - 2 1/8"  3/4" - 1 1/2" 39.00  62205  £ 1166.11
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RAC Kettering offer service and can Repair Pipe Freezers by our own qualified refrigeration engineers. Pipe freezer repair and re-gas service can be undertaken for all manufactures including the repair of Rothenberger pipe freezer repair REMS pipe freezer repair Ridgid pipe freezer repair Artic Electric Pipe Freezing Equipment Repair Broughton pipe freezer repair Freeze Master repair, Ridgid SuperFreeze SF-2500 / SF-2200 Pipe Freezer repair. Please contact us on 01536 525136 for details.

Pipe Freezing Kit

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