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  This web site is for people in the UK who want to buy a pipe tool, pipe freezing kit, drain cleaning machine or equipment. RAC Kettering are Independent Distributors of pipe tools for Rothenberger UK tools, REMS, and Ridgid tools.
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Rothenberger ROFROST CO2 Handle
Rothenberger ROFROST CO2 hose extension

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ROFROST CO2 Spare Parts

No. Price

 Handle w/feed valve and bayonet connection  .50  65032 £  nn.nn
 6.5" high pressure refrigerant hose  4.00  65033 £  nn.nn
 Hose extension set (2" x 6' with 2 connectors)  2.90  65047 £  nn.nn
 T-piece W 21.8 x 1/14  .10  65034  
 Stopper for one-sided freezing  .10  65049 £  nn.nn
 Feeder valve filter set (nozzle + filter)  .20  65048 £  nn.nn
 Wrench 14 x 17 mm  1.00  65045 £  nn.nn
 SW 4 int. hex. screwdriver  1.00  65046 £  nn.nn
 Plastic case  5.00  65031 £  nn.nn
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Rothenberger Hydrostatic Test Pump

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  • Extremely rugged handle hinge with long shaft. Lubrication nipple for low-wear pressure transmission on piston.
  • Monoblock brass shut-off system reducing risk of leaks from threaded connections. Built-in precision shut-off valve (fill and drain valve).
  • Weather proof solid cover with comprehensive pressure gauge protection.

Testing pump for quick precision testing of pressure or airtightness in pipework systems and containers used in plumbing and heating installations. Also for compressed air, steam, cooling, oil and sprinkler installations. Applications also in the field of boiler and pressure vessel manufacture. No fitter should be without one. Filling and pressure testing in one operation.

Tank capacity:    3 gallons
Suction capacity:    approx 45 ml/stroke
Dimensions:    28.4" x 6.7" x 10.2"
Connections:    R 1/2"

Hydrostatic Test Pump

  • Pressure test using oil and water
  • Weather and cold proof galvanized tank. Additionally protected with epoxy coating.
  • High volume feed for quick filling on long stroke. Fine precision pressure equalization and adjustment on short stroke.
  • Distortion proof handle with ergonomic rubber grip doubles as carrying handle
  • Specially ground distortion free polyamide piston, 30 mm , wear resistant
  • Twin valve system and valve spindle with rust-proof ball head ensure constant pressure levels
  • Test hose manufactured from steel reinforced material to reduce measurement errors
  • 5 year rust free guarantee on tank
Rothenberger Hydrostatic Test Pump

  • Long piston guides with o-ring seal and dirt scraper. Suction filter protects against dirt and wear. One way flow.
  • Large pressure gauge, easy to read, fine scale, 3 measurements (bar, psi, MPa).

Testing and pressure range:

0 - 60 bar,    1 bar steps

0 - 860 psi,    20 psi steps

0 - 6 MPa,    0,1 MPa steps

RP 50 Testing Pump

Description pressure
No. Price

 RP 50 Testing Pump  60 bar  7.75  61004 £  301.04
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Spare Parts
No. Price

 Replacement pressure gauge, R 1/4" connection  .25  61315 £  15.57
 Replacement piston  .13  61300 £  19.22
 Seal set  .25  61301 £  29.54
 High pressure hose, 1/2" connection  .75  61306 £  35.73
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RAC Kettering offer service and can Repair Pipe Freezers by our own qualified refrigeration engineers. Pipe freezer repair and re-gas service can be undertaken for all manufactures including the repair of Rothenberger pipe freezer repair REMS pipe freezer repair Ridgid pipe freezer repair Artic Electric Pipe Freezing Equipment Repair Broughton pipe freezer repair Freeze Master repair, Ridgid SuperFreeze SF-2500 / SF-2200 Pipe Freezer repair. Please contact us on 01536 525136 for details.

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